About HMS

Holy Mary’s School is a Christian Minority Institution established by HOLY MARY’S SOCIETY REGD. in the year 1999. Holy Mary's School was established on 2nd Feb-1999 and Registered under the Society act-1860.

The school affiliated to C.B.S.E, New Delhi, recognized by Punjab Government, is the First and the Only Institution for having accredited to National Institute of Open Schooling. The chief aim of the school is to provide a sound educational structure premeditated to train its students to live for the goodwill of society, through their activities in all walks-of-life, be it morally, spiritually, intellectually, socially or professionally.

Holy Mary’s School, founded more than a decade ago, with a clear vision, ‘To Impart High Quality Education to Banur and Its Surrounding Villages’, has been successfully serving its objectives, with due emphasis on the famous 3 D’s to success as per the Management’s guidelines: Dedication, Discipline, and Determination.

Inspiring children to build a healthy and strong body by regular physical exercise, games and sports

Guiding the students to seek knowledge, which leads to the truth, through academics, adopted and molded to their mental development

Promoting a spirit of service and loyalty

Including the spirit of teamwork and co-operation along-with healthy competition

Helping the students to realize the presence of God within oneself and in others by teaching them to pray and to live in accordance with the principles of being honest and true to oneself and others

Installing in children love for truth, justice, and brother-hood

HMS completely adheres to rules and regulations laid down by the Management. Every child is nurtured with due emphasis laid on Spoken English Skills backed up through Regular Reading Habits, Classroom Training on Communication Skills, Smart Class Educational System, and several Debate and Declamation Competitions. The school follows C.B.S.E guidelines completely and takes into consideration all policies while planning any such guiding principle for the progress of our students.

How We Achieve Our