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CBSE Affiliation has been extended until 31/03/2025 Fire Safety NOC NO 1501-38292-FIRE/26324 renewed until 02/06/2022


Holy Mary’s School aims to provide advanced facilities to all our students. We believe a spirit of speedup learning is enhanced, with due focus on creating a pertinent climate that enriches the knowledge process.

HMS provides our students the below mentioned amenities :-

Smart Classes

Smart-classes are the need of today. Students are allotted different sessions to attend smart-classes, where they teach lessons through various video and audio devices. Such devices aid in understanding of various fundaments and concepts related to various subjects like Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, etc. In these sessions, simulation of various experiments takes place.

Computer Lab

Computer Labs are equipped with high-end computers for students to learn how to handle computers and practice the portions in syllabi. We understand learning is incomplete without the actual practice and therefore we plan practical classes in an appropriate required ratio to the classroom lectures.

Mathematics Lab

The concept of a Math Lab is for students to learn and explore mathematical concepts learnt during the classroom lectures, to understand different facts and theorems through a variety of activities. Mathematics Teachers provide students an opportunity to internalize mathematical concepts through different concrete objects and situations. We have also introduced Abacus classes for students to learn mathematics in the easiest manner.

Dance/Music Rooms

At HMS, we make sure we focus on overall development of a child and not merely on his academics. This is why the timetable preparation is carried laying significance on events involving dance and music. We give immense opportunities to students to develop their talent in various events and competitions held in school.

Medical Facilities

The first step to success is to be integral in your life and to be integral you need a good attendance record. Attendance is one of the most primary reasons responsible for the high performance of a student in academics. Research proves students, who regularly attend classes have very high chances of performing better in the examinations than those having less attendance. To improve upon this factor, we provide medical facilities to all our students. We have regular medical checkups installed in our timetable where only well-qualified doctors visit our campus.

Transport Facility

HMS provides all students with Transport facility for those who want to avail this facility. We have a sufficient number of buses to provide transportation for those students from near and far off places. Buses are hired on Contract Basis with maximum Transport charges being Rs. 800/- and minimum charges are Rs. 400/- Only.

Library Facilities

  • Size of Library Is 24x23 sq.mts
  • Periodicals in the library are India Today, Computers, Sports
  • Dailies in library are INDIAN EXPRESS, THE TRIBUNE
  • No of Reference books class wise, in each subjects are 6
  • No of Magazines in the library are 2