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Founder & Director

We do not provide education but a road to success!

Dear Students & Parents,

Thank you for all the wonderful support and love you have given us, which has helped us reach the position of being ‘The Best School in Banur’. If not with your belief, conviction and cooperation, this position would not have been doable. We still believe there is a lot to accomplish as life is all about learning and sharing the knowledge learnt. This is why HMS ensures to bind in new ideas and concepts, which would help our students, grow mentally, academically, spiritually and morally in every step they take.

In this competitive era, we understand how vital it is to remain grounded to moral values and how significantly a school stands as a stakeholder, in the bringing of a child. This is why; we started the school with a idea of delivering ‘Quality Education’ to all the children, which would not only help them succeed but also in turn, aid in growing good moral values in them.

Student’s growth depends highly on the teachers. A teacher stands as a guide, mentor and a coach to crave the path in a student’s life. HMS conducts effective training programmes for teachers, which helps them to understand child psychology easier and adopt the latest teaching methodologies. To guide parents, HMS conducts regular PTA meetings, to understand where their child needs to improve upon and what steps to take in such assistance.

I wish all my students a wonderful life ahead. May God bless each one and help find their dream to fulfill.

We hold your child’s hand until your child attains success!